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Who are we ?

The launching in June 2003 of the Swiss Academy of Lebanon for Sciences & Technology in Beirut will certainly bring to this cosmopolitan city a major contribution to its cultural and educational heritage.

The Swiss Academy strives to be the first educational institution of its kind in Lebanon. By offering serious and comprehensive educational programs for students and ambitious executives, the Swiss Academy will provide new teaching methods that have proven very efficient in all challenging countries and mainly Switzerland.

In order to cover most of the attractive majors for the Lebanese business market and elsewhere, the Swiss Academy implemented an adequate flexible system giving the students the choice to study and work at the same time.

Its partnership with prominent international universities, grants the Swiss Academy a professional educational standards and staff, leading to a state degree as well as internationally recognized  diplomas allowing its students to work and pursue higher education in Lebanon and worldwide.

Full of confidence and hope, the Swiss Academy is proud to welcome you for the coming academic year.



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